Seeds Which Are Good For Our Health

It has been found that the crunchy little things that we sprinkle on everything we need are a rich source of protein   and very yummy to taste and some of the things we may use with our daily diet are-

  • Seeds Which Are Good For Our HealthNigella seeds- they look like black sesame and usually are sprinkled on naans or vegetables. They are very effective against asthma and can help you recover from malaria fever.
  • Watermelon seeds- are black on the outside, white with shell removed. They contain several amino acids, arginine, which regulates our blood pressure. They are also rich in vitamin B and magnesium. These seeds can be sprinkled on salads, bread and cakes.
  • Flax seeds-these seeds are brown and tiny and contain Omega 3 and are richest source of phytoe-strogen, which the substitute of estrogen. It stabilizes hormone levels and helps lessen impact of menopause. They can be used in powder from in chapatti flour or salad dressing.
  • Chia seeds- are black like mustard seeds. They have to be soaked in water and they develop a gelatinous white cover and are used in faloodas. They have cooling properties and they taste good when added to any drink.
  • Pumpkin seeds- they are large, flat, and white when unpeeled and they contain l-tryptophan which keeps the depressing thoughts at bay and they can be mixed with gravies or curries.
  • Sunflower seeds- grey with the shell  and are ivory on the inside, and can help you fight obesity, lose weight and are rich in vitamin E which can help you to combat heart diseases and cancer.

There are a host of other seeds as well which have health benefits. They are seeds from the natural sources and you need to know about their properties to get the best out of them.

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